About Us

Moving away from your best friends after college sucks . . . especially when you end up on different continents.

We are two recent MIT ChemE graduates and best friends now living thousands of miles apart, out in the world on our own for the first time. Although our locations have diverged, our bond remains strong through our constant communication (well, near constant due to the inconvenience of timezones). As a duo, we have shared everything with each other — stories of moments of being stressed, uncertain, salty, and heartbroken; laughter over dumb Facebook memes and horoscopes; plans of how to throw the best birthday party for a year-old coconut.

This blog is a collection of personal letters and reflections from life before, during, and after our time together at MIT. It is an glimpse into our lives now and then, a sketch of our dreams and aspirations, and collage of our unwavering sisterhood over the years.



Certified lab rat and never sorry for her sass

Current Location: Princeton, NJ






International green energy researcher fueled by Swiss chocolate & Redbull™

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